U-Star Records

U-Star Records

OutHouse Remixed

"U-Star records has returned !

After spearheading a dub-soaked and twisted Disco revival in the early Nineties, U-Star quickly became a cult label, whose catalogue still manages to sound as fresh and dislocated as ever !

They are kicking things off again with Shrinkwrap’s incredible versions of the 1997 Idjut Boys and Laj track ‘Karmakazi’ from the Outhouse EP.

Shrinkwrap serve up two recreations that have captured the spirit of the original and taken it far far away…" - Piccadilly Records

So who are Shrinkwrap??


…. a collaboration of warped electronica from matt horobin and mark rayner

Since meeting at Square Centre Studios Nottingham back in 1998 Matt & Mark have worked together on a regular basis writing, recording, mixing & mastering; along the way releasing music on Discfuntion records in the early 00s, and u-star records in 2015; with remixes on Nuphonic, Is it balearic?, and Above Machine Records.

Working with musicians Pete Yeadon (A New Funky Generation, Café Del Mar), and Gareth ‘Mr Long’ Bailey (Bent, Babyhead, 2010 saw their release of ‘Beautiful Thing’ on Perfect 10 Records charting in Juno records ‘best downbeat track of the year’ at number 5. Simultaneously they also mastered Phil Mison’s excellently acclaimed long player, ‘Out of Town’ on Leng Records, and worked with numerous artists on the Nottingham radar. since ‘Beautiful Thing’ then they have been working on finishing their long awaited album project … due for 2016?

Mark Rayner

Between 1992 and 1997 Mark played the underground house circuit with Babble, Go Tropo and Acid Disco Soundsystems, working alongside Idjut Boys, Kelvin Andrews, Digs & Woosh (d.i.y.), Glen Gunner, Harvey and DJ D. he has made many appearances in bars & clubs across the midlands, including The Bomb in Nottingham and Sola Festival in Sherwood Forest.

From 1996 recorded under the name DjDujour in collaboration with Joe Blair (Bud Bongo) releasing tracks on Neon Heights and Session Recordings. worked alongside Chris Todd (Crazy P), Tom Bailey (Fug), Simon White & Cal Gibson (Neon Productions), Rhys Adams (Mark Rae & Yes King). notable achievements include a remix of Neon Heights for Tim ‘Love’ Lee’s Tummy Touch label, various mastering duties including Coyotes ‘Harlyn Bay’ album for Is It Balearic? and more recently, mixing and mastering duties for Smith and Mudd’s long player Le Suivant on the uber chic Claremont 56.

Matt Horobin

Music producer whose first experience of the studio came in 1987, recording his first session at Nottingham’s now defunct Nightfall One Studios, with Charles Webster (Love From San Francisco) in the engineering seat. Initially producing with a Korg ddd-1, dw6000 and Fostex r8-track recorder which started the obsession with sound machines, synths and programming.

In 1989 he set up his own studio producing some extraordinary locals bands, including the Head Births and space rock legends Cherry Forever (a John Peel favourite). Matt has since worked alongside Nag Kirinde (d.i.y.), x>y, Brown (Unpopular Recordings), Natialie Duncan; and licensed music to successful compilation series Beats by Dope demand. Since his first solo release on Repeated Imprintings (1993) Matt has embraced a diverse range of styles including Dub, Downbeat, and dense, heavy Drum & Bass on his own imprints Baltic Productions and Debaser.